Lookbook Love: Torrid’s Holiday Collections

A couple weeks ago, I had the pleasure of going to Torrid’s headquarters in Los Angeles to preview their holiday collection. I wasn’t sure how they were going to show off the news items, but when I walked in and saw the glitter background and runway, I instantly became excited. There were more than 30 looks, each I can seeing fitting into every girl’s closet. Below are some of my favorite looks, I love all the leather accents and the lace details. The jewel tones were also fun to watch coming down the runway. Who says fall has to be drab and filled with no color?

Another trend I saw on the runway was combining different styles, for example, adding some sparkle to a grunge inspired outfit or adding some preppy accents to a rock and roll outfit. The coolest part of the fashion show? The models showing off the clothes were Torrid store employees! Real girls, modeling clothes for us curvy ladies, it was amazing.

Most if not all these items are in stores and online now! From updating your fall wardrobe, to holiday parties, to a date night, to just getting your knit sweater fix, there is something for every girl in Torrid’s holiday collection. If you’re torn and are deciding on that ONE item, my pick is the vinyl jacket, the peplum jacket, or that gorgeous red sweater.

Which would you choose? Which looks are your favorite? To see the rest of the photos, head here.

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From Left: Monique from Curves and Chaos, myself and Jay Miranda from jaymiranda.com


Blogger pic<3

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Music Monday: Lana Del Rey

Lana Del Rey on Nylon Cover


You either love her or could careless about her, that’s my perspective on how people feel about Lana Del Rey. I love her her music and her style. Her style is her own and it inspires my own, her music is easy to listen to, although sometimes the lyrics are random, I can’t help but be consumed by her beats and melodies. She’s on the cover of the November issue of Nylon and I’m digging the simplicity. I can listen to her albums all day, am I the only one who think her music is trance-like? I may have no clue what she’s singing about sometimes, but I can’t help but hum and sway along with the music.  I’m the first to admit she’s not the greatest performer live, but her music videos and studio recordings are gold.

Leather, Lace and Everything Nice


Life is kicking my butt, in a good way. I have a few posts in my arsenal and I’m finally getting back into the swing of thing, so I tell myself. Thanks to Monique, from the amazing blog Curves and Chaos, I have a (kind of) new outfit post. I wore this look when I attended Torrid’s Holiday Preview. Myself and some of my favorite plus size bloggers were able to catch up and preview Torrid’s holiday collection. Some of the items are in stores now and the rest will be available middle of November. There’s a a bit of leather, lace and just the right amount of sequins, lookbook coming very soon!

I’m wearing a dress (from Torrid!) that I cut the slip, to show off the lace. I threw on a top and jacket with the dress for a layered fall look and added a wide brim hat. I’ve never been one to wear hats, but this one from H&M was calling my name, I had to have it. I stepped outside my fashion box and I like the outcome ;-).

How are you wearing your favorite fall styles? Any fun purchases yet for the colder season?

Eye Love Mascara

best-mascara-cheap-best mascara-expensive

If I could only live with two makeup components for the rest of the year, I would choose lipstick and mascara. Mascara as a crucial makeup tool, I can recall hundreds of moments when I looked crazy with my eye makeup before I put mascara on. As soon as add a few coats to each eye, everything else just seems to glamorously come together. A word to the wise, always carry mascara in your purse, makeup bag, pocket, wherever, because lets say you have a crazy night out and have to roll into work the next day, you’re going to be stoked you had some mascara and lipstick in your arsenal.  Keep some at your desk for emergencies, along with other ‘night after’ must haves.

I’ve tried every mascara in this post and no, I don’t always spend $20+ on mascara. I’ve found amazing ones for less than $10, but if I am going to splurge on mascara, I’ve found some that are worth every penny.

COVERGIRL Clump Crusher: This mascara is very buildable, a major plus. My favorite component is the brush, the curved brush and its  bristle spacing reduce clumping (hence the name)  and leaves lashes clean and separated. The brush is also the perfect size to coat bottom lashes too.

Bare Escentuals Lash Domination: This is one of my new favorite mascaras. I received a sample of  lash domination at BeautyCon and LOVED what it did to my lashes. Without using an eyelash curler, I got volume and definition, it was amazing. This mascara give you volume you can see.

L.A. Girl Super Mega Lash: What originally attracted me to this mascara was the packaging. After testing it out, I was really happy with the formula. It didn’t flake, the brush is perfect for your bottom lashes and was great at lengthening my lashes.

DiorShow: This mascara needs little words describing the intense, sultry look it gives lashes. This mascara has been in a number of magazines and ‘Best Mascara’ lists and is an award-winning mascara that has been a cult-favorite for over a decade. The formula is creamy and buildable and the brush also gives that XXL volume we lust for.

Prescriptives False Eyelashes Plush: I received a sample of this mascara when I ordered their foundation (more on that later!) and I was very happy with the fullness and thickness of this mascara. Its wear was great and easily buildable, I went out one night for drinks with the girls and it was easy to layer a couple coats  on top of what I had already put on that morning.

With so many options to choose from and so many great products on the market, at price points for everyone, there is no reason to let your lashes not look their best. After all, isn’t there a cheesy saying out there that the eyes the window to the soul? The bolder the eyes the bolder the soul. :-)

Instagram Monday

Fall is here and I couldn’t be happier, although it’s still warm in L.A., the morning have been cold, giving me hope that the days will start to get cold too. I love maxis sand sandals, but I’m ready to trade those in for scarves and boots.


Obsessed with my Forever 21 PLUS plaid pants and Barefoot Tess pumps<3


Saying good-bye to summer with the best friends a girl could ask for.


Surprise flowers at work from a guy I’m dating. Needless to say things are going well.


Whenever you’re having a beauty freak out, remember…


New Tattoo! This is number 6 and I want so many more.


Although fall just started, I can already say that being invited to the Latina Magazine’s Hollywood Hot List party was a huge highlight!

GlitterontheCeiling.com GlitterontheCeiling.com

If at the end of the day, you can say you have the best friends you could ever be blessed with, then life is good.

Music+Inspiration Monday: 1-800-Penelope

Penelope’s Vintage is at it again, creating cool visuals to match their amazing selection of vintage items. I’ve been a fan of this Los Angeles based online store for a little while now, and if there is one thing I love more than the clothes, it’s shop creator Chanelle Lawrence’s vision when creating the ads.

The most recent one, titled, 1-800-Penelope, is fun to dance to and even more fun to watch closely and appreciate the ’90s essence.  I’m featuring it on Music Monday because I LOVE the song in video (Phoneline by FunkinEven) and overall I’m inspired by the video. I love the sexiness I love the ‘adult hotline’ aspect and I love the bodysuits! So, my friends, if you are in need of fashion help, CALL 1-800-Penelope.

The other cool PV video:

Music Monday: {NEW} MGMT

Annnnd I’m back, again. I’m really going to try and stop with this whole inconsistent blogging thing. At the same time, I’m a working girl, and a girls gotta make that paper! Anyway, on to some sweet sounds to kick off your week. It’s hard to believe MGMT’s 2008 album Oracular Spectacular is already five years old. In my opinion, it was this album that really put this Mid-West duo on the musical map. Electric Feel and Kids were played all summer in 2008 and after playing the music festival scene,  Benjamin Goldwasser and Andrew VanWyngarden were definitely music’s new favorite indie duo.

Fast forward to now and with two albums behind them, MGMT has a new single and a new album. Their third album, titled MGMT,  is “pushing their love of acid-tinged bubblegum right out the back door of the booby hatch, in a good way,” said Rolling Stone. This sound, is on the same level as their second album Congratulations, but turned up the weird and synth to about 100. I think I like it, I’m still a little indifferent, but I think I need some time to let it grow on me.

Mad for Plaid

“I like your Gwen Stefani pants” is probably one of the most flattering comments I’ve received wearing these plaid pants. I couldn’t have asked to be compared to a cooler fashion icon. All that aside, I’ve had these pants for about a week and I’ve worn them twice, needless to say, they’re going to be one of my fall favorites. Even more surprisingly, they’re from Forever 21 Plus.  I’m surprised because while I appreciate the effort Forever 21 puts into their plus size line,  sometimes they miss the mark. Also, they need a lot of  work on their fit of the plus size line. I had to go two sizes up to get the look I wanted to achieve with the pants, either way, they were a good find and they’re perfect for fall.

Pairing them with a fun graphic tee and a pair of sleek black pumps, balanced the look perfectly. I love these pumps from  Barefoot Tess, believe it or not, I did not have a pair of black pumps in my shoe collection and these are perfect and classic. I like the pointed toe, and I love the heel height, it’s about 2 inches, which is perfect for me. Just the right amount of heel height without sacrificing comfort. I’m all about shoes that kick my looks up a notch without killing my feet.

PS: So, I went darker a couple weeks ago and added some purple to my hair and I LOVE it!! I think it’s quite obvious I’m ready for fall. ;)

cute-plus-size-fashion-blogger-6 cute-plus-size-fashion-blogger-3 cute-plus-size-fashion-blogger-5 cute-plus-size-fashion-blogger-2


Cheetah Tank: Old H&M || Cardigan: Gap || Plaid Pants: Forever 21 PLUS || Shoes: Charlotte Heel c/o Barefoot Tess

Bedroom Lace

Who doesn’t love a little lace in the bedroom? No matter if you’re married, in a relationship, or single, dress sexy for yourself. Dressing sexy for yourself also means having fun with lingerie. When you’re over a size 14, sometimes finding sexy lingerie can be a battle, as with clothes, some brands think by just making it bigger it will look flattering on a bigger girl. Wrong.

I’m grateful for brands like Seven ‘Till Midnight, who do plus size lingerie right, giving us sexy, cute options that appeal to every kind of girl. From leather to lace, to animal prints or for the bride-to-be, there is a sexy option for every kind of girl you are or want to be, because the truth is, we’ve got curves and rolls and why not show them off!

Seven ‘Till Midnight is based in Los Angeles and focus on making women of all shapes and sizes feel bold and confident in their fun, flirty lingerie and costumes. I was sent a HOT bustier and adorable pink lace underwear/garter. I loved how sexy I felt in both the bustier and garter. I have a pair of fishnets that went with the garter perfectly, I love how sexy and powerful I felt in the lingerie. The bustier wasn’t too constricting, but still gave me support up top. I love mixing textures, so the lace and leather-looking latex was a natural match, just the right amount of edginess without being cheesy. The garter was high waisted, which I loved, It made the look  vintage. I may have liked it a little more than the bustier, but I love how the bustier held me in and made me look extra curvy.

One of the things I really like about Seven ‘Till Midnight is there  cute, sexy and playful options for plus size girls. I know when it comes to fashion, we sometimes don’t have many options, but it was tough to choose just one bustier from Seven ‘Till Midnight!

Life is too short to not have a little fun in lingerie, trust me, it’s super empowering.

seven-till-midnight-plus-size-lingerie-2 seven-till-midnight-plus-size-lingerie-3 seven-till-midnight-plus-size-lingerie seven-till-midnight-plus-size-lingerie-4 seven-till-midnight-plus-size-lingerie-5


Lingerie c/o Seven ‘Till Midnight. Reviews are truthful and opinions are my own. <3